Smile Gallery

We love to make our patients smile.  Below is a series of before and after photos highlighting a few of the smiles we’ve improved.


This patient had porcelain restorations done that the color and finish looked like fake teeth. She was tired of people noticing them and wanted natural looking teeth again.  Porcelain Veneers were placed to brighten the smile and make the teeth look natural. You can see by the finishing touches on the porcelain, she got what she wanted!


This patient was tired of seeing the stain marks on her teeth for so many years. She was always shy and wouldn’t smile fully in pictures. Porcelain Veneers to brighten the smile and remove decay and stains. She now can smile confidently in photos and talk to friends without feeling self conscious about her teeth.

IMG_1661 Compressed IMG_2877compressed

Our patient had old, ill-fitting dentures and wasn’t able to speak or chew comfortably. She had lived like this for almost 10 years! Implant retained Dentures to allow for comfortable chewing and function. She smiles more confidently now as well and overall lives a better life 🙂

“Thank you. You made my life a lot better. I am so happy.” -Evelyn


This patient did not think it would be possible to get a normal looking smile. Porcelain Veneers were used to close spaces and create a natural smile. He couln’t believe that it would be so easy and so transformational.


This patient was extremely self conscious about her teeth due to the staining and decay. She would notice people looking at her teeth when she talked. Porcelain Veneers were used to cover staining and get rid of the decay. Now she doesn’t mind when people look and admire her teeth.


This patient had a lot of inconsistencies in his smile. He was looking to regain the smile he had when he was younger. Porcelain Veneers were used to replace chipped and worn teeth, regaining that youthful look he wanted.


This patient always had to turn for photographs to avoid her wide, short, mis-shapen tooth. She now doesn’t care where photos are taken from because she is confident in her smile. Porcelain Veneers were used to reshape some teeth and give a natural smile.


This patient had gone years with a missing tooth always being the “hill-billy.” He couldn’t believe the change and the only thing he said is he wish he had done it sooner! Porcelain Veneers and a Bridge were used to restore the missing tooth and smile comfortably.


This patient had gone years with a mishapen single veneer trying to patch up a chipped tooth. Porcelain Veneers and Crowns were used to hide a dark root and reshape worn teeth. This restored a natural bite allowing her to chew more appropriately as well.


Our patient had gone his whole life covering his smile when he talked and laughed. He had physically trained his face not to smile. Porcelain Veneers and a Bridge were used to replace a missing tooth and give him a natural, normal smile. Now he can’t stop smiling and showing off his teeth when talking.


This patient had chipped his tooth while playing soccer. Ouch! Luckily the tooth was still vital and did not need a Root Canal. We used composite resin to do what is commonly called “bonding” to repair the tooth and make it look like it never happened!


This young man had chipped his tooth playing hockey. He previously had it repaired but a jolly rancher made sure that didn’t last. We fixed it up with composite resin. In only 30 minutes, he was good as new.